Hong Kong A Weekend in the Vertical City

Hong Kong - A Weekend in the Vertical City

Hong Kong

Less than two hours away from Taipei by plane, the crazy dense city of Hong Kong is a perfect weekend-get-away. Not many cities in the world have the reputation of being as crazy, intense and packed as Hong Kong. So of course we couldn’t resist and travelled to Hong Kong three weeks ago.

View on Hong Kong Island

Streets of Hong Kong

I don’t want to explain my itinerary through the city detailed, because that wouldn’t be too exciting, but rather describe my experiences. We arrived during rush hour in Kowloon, which gives you a first impression of the number of people living and working here. Even though I’m used to many people in Taipei that was even more extreme (maybe also because I usually don’t take the MRT in Taipei during rush hour). The second thing you will notice, that literally every building is a high rise and it’s really impressive to see Hong Kong from the sea side, because it’s getting even more visible.

Our hotel was on Nathan Road and one of the coolest things is the life in those buildings. They are full of small hotels, tailors and restaurants. Its usual that there are small hotels on one floor and a restaurant on on another. It feels that every building a universe on it’s own. If you want to really experience what vertical city means stroll through one of the buildings on Nathan Road.

Hong Kong Mansions

Life in Hong Kong Mansions

I can’t recommend taking the ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island enough. Its probably one of the nicest views on the city. From the ferry terminal it’s not far to the famous Hong Kong Escalators. Famous Escalators? Exactly. Hong Kong is quite mountainous and to make walking in the city more comfortable there is a high way of escalators climbing the mountain. On the escalator you are literally transported like a sushi roll through the urban canyons.

The area around the escalators is also one of my favorite areas in Hong Kong. There are dozens of cool, small and local restaurants and the whole district seems quite hip.

From the escalators it’s not far anymore to the best view on Hong Kong — The Victoria Peak. We didn’t took the Peak Tram but a cab to the top, because the line was crazy. The are several viewing spots on the peak and I guess all of them are great.

The skyscraper lightshow is ok, but definitely not a must-see. A must do is drinking a cocktail in the OZone Bar on the Ritz Carlton, the highest bar in the world. Entrance is for free, but the cocktails are quite expensive (At other places you would already pay to get to aviewing plattform). For everybody who is in the mood for some party afterwards, LKF (Lan Kwai Fong) is the place to be. It’s a crazy place, where everybody is just partying on the streets and enjoying themselves.

After a long night or when you just want to rest your legs, the terrace on the top of the IFC shopping mall is perfect. There are chairs and tables, which can be used without ordering food and drinks and the view is over the harbour and Kowloon is perfect.

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