Road trippin'

Road trippin' - They see us rolling...

Thursday afternoon —  the gas tank is full, the bags are stowed and we are sitting in the back of the car. It’s time to let the road trip begin! 4 days, 3 nights and around 900km on the road lie ahead of us. Our route will take us from Taipei to the scenery east coast, which we will follow down...

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A Storm is coming

A Storm is coming - Typhoon Dujuan is paying us a visit

After we got back from our trip from the Taroko National Park, we received the fantastic news that tropic storm Dujuan significantly increased in strength and was now rated as class 4 hurricane. This message contained a mixture of feelings. We were excited and also little bit feared of an intensive typhoon like that. While it was raining non-stop in...

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Dripping water hollows out stone

Dripping water hollows out stone - A Trip to the Taroko Gorge

While Taipei is a great city to live in, just staying in Taipei wouldn’t pay enough justice to the rest of Taiwan. Back in the old days Portuguese sailors used to call the island Ilha formosa, the beautiful island. Of course we have to convince ourselves that this name is justified by exploring the island. After we went to Jiufen...

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Arrival At A New Home

Arrival At A New Home - The question mark above my head

After two weeks in Taiwan I still have sometimes the feeling that there’s a huge invisible question mark above my head. Everyday has at least one of those moments, when I have no idea what’s happening around me, what I’m eating, how I’m supposed to act or what the person in front of me is saying to me. While I...

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Apparently I moved to Asia

Apparently I moved to Asia

Frankfurt, Terminal 2, Sep. 5th — After a little bit of stressful packing in the last days (packing your life into a suitcase can be hard) I’m finally sitting on a plane seat, waiting that the propulsion is pushing me into the seat and into a new chapter of my life. Thoughts of doubt and excitement are fighting against each other, was...

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Dubai in 48h

Dubai in 48h - A City on Steroids

Dubai is one of the fast growing cities in the world and has developed to a global city and business hub in the last 25 years. It’s known for its skyscrapers including the tallest building in the world, its huge malls and the enormous wealth of the sheikhs. On my way to Taipei I had the chance to stay two...

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